Proper land management is one of the main criteria for sustainable development. The Environmental Research Center offers a wide variety of land management services.
The list of our past projects on land use is listed below:

Water management is one of the major challenges facing all countries and communities. This will play an important role in mitigating future climate change risks. The Environmental Research Center has extensive experience in water and water management.
Below we provide information about our projects:

Natural hazards often lead to material and human losses. A natural hazard becomes a disaster when the levels of preparedness to meet them are very low.

Environmental Research Center has very experience in the disaster risk assessment and reduction. The Center is one of the best organizations in this field, which has proved itself positively in Azerbaijan and the region.

Below is a list of projects we are implementing.

The problem of environmental pollution has always been essential for the South Caucasus and Central Asia. Our organization is very active in various regions related to environmental pollution.

We have implemented the following projects with leading international organizations:

Environmental education is the main way to ensure sustainable development for future generations.Our organization has had a great deal of success and experience in the development of educational materials, curriculum resources, and other educational materials.

We present a list of our projects related to environmental education: